Retirement Villages

Moving into a retirement village can be a very daunting and upsetting time for you and your family. We make that process as simple as possible by providing sound legal advice to protect your interests.

It is very important that you fully understand all documents you receive on entering a Retirement Village, and what the legal and financial implications are for entering, remaining in and leaving the village, as well as the implications for any spouse or partner you may have.

Residence contract

Cooling off

Ownership of unit

Premises condition report

This gives you information about the condition of the fixtures, fittings, who will be responsible for repairing or replacing any item, when any item is due to be repaired or replaced and how the cost of repairing any item is to be funded.


Maintenance fund

Recurrent charges are payable at regular intervals.  These might cover expenses such as administration (eg stationery); wages and related costs (eg village manager, or gardener); property management (eg council rates, insurance); food.

Other funds

You may also be required to contribute to a Capital Replacement Fund or a Sinking Fund. These funds are used to replace capital items or to meet non-budgeted, unplanned expenses or items requiring long term maintenance.

Terminating the contract

You can terminate your residence contract at any time by providing written notice to the village. The circumstances where a village can terminate your occupation include:

However, if the village wishes to terminate a resident’s occupation, this must be approved by SACAT (South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal).

Refund of premium

Once your residence has been re-licensed, you will be advised as to the amount you will be refunded.  There may be deductions from this refund which may include:

It is important to be aware that it is unlikely that the amount of your refund when exiting the village will be equal to or greater than the amount you paid to enter the village you should get advice before entering the village to ensure you are aware of all financial implications.

Under the terms of the Retirement Villages Act you must be repaid the amount due to you on the earlier of 10 days after the unit is relicensed or 18 months since the date of your vacation.  If you need to go into residential care before you receive your refund then the legislation now provides that if you request the village operator to pay your care fees during the time that the unit is being marketed for re-licence then the operator must do so and deduct it from the amount finally due to be refunded to you.


Once you have decided to terminate your contract and have provided written notice to the village, the village can take preliminary steps to remarket your residence in accordance with their remarketing policy.

To download information about Retirement Village Contracts click here.

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