What is Probate & Letters of Administration?

In brief, obtaining a grant of probate or grant of letters of administration is the process of having the Supreme Court officially recognise who the correct person (or persons) is to administer the estate of a deceased person.


An application for probate is made where the deceased left a will.  The person who is responsible for having to apply for probate is called the executor.  The executor is nominated by the deceased in their will.

Obtaining a grant of probate confirms that:

Letters of Administration

If the deceased died without a will or there is a will but the executor cannot act, or had died, the application is referred to as letters of administration.  The person who is entitled to apply for letters of administration is laid out in the relevant legislation and is called the administrator.  This person is usually the deceased’s next of kin according to a stated order of priority.

Obtaining a grant of letters of administration confirms that:

The grant gives the executor or administrator the necessary legal authority to take control of the estate assets.  It must be produced for all dealings with government and financial institutions, companies, share registries and others with an interest in the estate assets.

For some small estates with no real estate, it may be possible for the estate to be administered without a grant.  It is up to the institutions holding the assets as to whether they will require a grant.

Applying for probate or letters of administration

Executors and proposed administrators should seek initial advice to find out the extent of their obligations in the circumstances, the requirements for handling the assets of the estate and the legal formalities to be completed.

Applications for grants can have varying levels of complexities and require strict adherence to the rules.

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